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About me

Candice Dotson is a creative writer that holds the mind of a many masterpieces and is not afraid to share this gift with the world. As an extravert-introvert, she tends to have a creative side while still being conservative in the approach. She is guaranteed to have you at the edge of your seat with each chapter.

Coming from humble beginnings starting her life in the Third Ward area of Houston, Texas she knows how it is to struggle with abuse and wants to create stories that others can relate to that have been thru these same adversaries and many more.

“My love for writing came at an early age and was my escape. I used to make up stories in my head and wanted to write them down, but self-discouragement set in.”

  Despite all the trials she has went through she did managed to receive an Associates in Business, a Bachelor’s in Health Administration, buy her first home before the age of 30 as a divorced, single mother but, still felt that she was not living a purpose filled life.

“I was happy for the most part; blessed but never seem to settle down long enough to find out what Candice really wanted instead of what others perception of who I was to be.”

  Years and changes in our lives can create unsustainable situations. Therefore, you try different methods to see what clicks. Candice decided one day to click on her laptop to finally tell her stories.

“I’m truly blessed that the Father decided to grant me another chance to give his testimony of who he truly is. I know how it is to have your identity taken from you; wondering who you relate to in the physical. But, who you truly are in the spirit is much more than that outer layer, and that’s the hard part.”

With her first novel “Tainted Identity”, a journey of three girls who find out that even though their experiences are different, thru their experiences they determine their worth. They are still capable of being who they want to be by continuing to do one simple thing.


Candice Y Dotson, Author