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Tainted Identity

Every living thing wants to be loved, and that love should be good. But what if love becomes tainted before you began to live. Leah Anders, Denise Michaels and Marissa Orville all have this in common. The events that each of them experience, will be a test of their faith in love and will show and prove that believing in love can either make you or break you.
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Tainted Identity 2

The nightmares of her past have started to take a toll on her marriage. And her deepest secret, that she hasn't told anyone about, slowly suffocates her self-worth hindering her growth.Marissa Orville has tasted her share of abandoned by love on many occasions. She loves hard and is expected to be loved just the same in return.Some people are not who they appear to be. Of course, more tensions arrive upon her discovery that her path is a tiny bit more complicated than she presumed.Nevertheless, she triumphs through her misfortunes, realizing the liberation of letting go. Permitting love to have the last say was the best decision she has ever made.
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